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Stomach problems, bloating, pain and re flux

I have suffered with various stomach problems for the last 5 years including bloating, pain and re flux.  I had been told by my GP it was IBS and given medication which never really made much difference. I had my suspicions that certain foods made it worse but it was always difficult to narrow down exactly what set it off. I found it difficult to exclude full food groups from my diet easily as it was hard to cook for the rest of my family and have to prepare separate meals for myself. I was keen to find an easy solution that might take the guess work out of it all. I came across Global Science and thought it worth a try as their money back guarantee meant I had nothing to lose. The test seemed so simple and took only a few minutes to do. I decided after my test arrived to pay for more items to be tested and contacted the team to check if this was possible. They were so helpful and friendly and dealt with my request so easily that the whole experience wasn’t at all difficult. My results came back so quickly and outlined exactly what I should avoid. This made making food choices for me and my family so much easier, that I was able to exclude these things without any guess work. My stomach issues have improved so much and my general health and energy levels are the best they have been in years, so happy.