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chicken intoleranceKnowing your body better and understanding your Chicken Intolerance.

Have you ever felt fatigued or queasy after eating chicken? The likelihood is that you are suffering from chicken intolerance. Acknowledging this and confronting it will rejuvenate both you and your body, meaning you can be stress-free about attending any meals, as you will most likely remove any potential issues.

Why would you want to miss out on catching up with your friends because chicken may be present?

The best thing to do is ensure that it is definitely chicken that you have an intolerance to. At TMI Testing, we can test your hair against both food and non-food items, and at the end of the process, you will receive a full comprehensive report from our experts. This detailed report highlights what intolerances you may have, including chicken. If it turns out you do have a chicken intolerance, then we recommend eliminating chicken from your diet. Many of our customers have seen a difference in only a matter of days, highlighting our high satisfaction rate.

We all want to be able to eat what we want, but there are many things stopping us from doing this. One of the potential issues some of us deal with every day is chicken intolerance. Whether it be one of our friends firing up the BBQ, or cooking a delicious Sunday roast, some of us may not feel comfortable going.

Of course, there are always solutions to this, including a vegetarian alternative or even a substitute meat. Dealing with an intolerance to chicken will not always be easy, but it is a challenge that many of us are able to embrace and overcome.

Finding alternatives for chicken is always a solution and will make it easier to cut out of your diet. Leading to a brighter future for you and your body, you will hopefully have a clearer mind and not fear attending any upcoming social events.

Lastly, you should let everyone know about your chicken intolerance, as it means that any potential hosts or visitors, restaurants or venues will all be willy and reading to prepare a chicken-free dish for your comfort.

Should your intolerance test indicate any further offending foods, then our team is always willing to help at