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Wanted to say a big thank you to Global Science. For many years I’ve been struggling with eczema and feel like I’ve tried everything to get it under control. I had begun to think it’s something I would just have to accept and live with. One of my friends recently read about links between certain food intolerances and eczema and suggested to me that maybe I could try and find out if this was true for me. I looked at various options to try and test if this might be the case and came across Global Science. Their website was incredibly informative and appeared to offer exactly what i wanted and at an affordable price. The process was easy and I received my results much quicker than I expected. I found out from the test that my problem could be linked to dairy products so decided to exclude them from my diet. This has been a revelation and my skin has been the best it has in years. Generally, I feel so much better in myself as well and definitely won’t be going back to having dairy in my diet as it’s totally worth the results. Thank you again it’s been a life changer.